Manual Installation

  1. First you need a laravel 5.4 project ready to use.

  2. Add the package to require section of composer :

        "require": {
            "serverfireteam/panel": "1.6.*"

And run the composer update command, the package and its dependencies will be installed.

  1. Add the ServiceProvider of the package to the list of providers in the file config/app.php :

    'providers' => array(
  2. Run the following command in order to publish configs, views and assets :

    php artisan vendor:publish
  3. Go to the root of your project and run this command in order to set up the database :

    php artisan migrate --path="vendor/serverfireteam/panel/src/database/migrations"
  4. Go to your and you can login with the following username and password :

    • user :

    • password : 12345