Q: Is it compulsory to add 'created_at' and 'updated_at' fields in CRUD item table ?

A: No, it's not compulsory. If you don't need these fields, just add the following line to your model :

public $timestamps = false;

Q: How can I create a drop down field with reference to another CRUD item. Also how can I show that field in list of records ?

A: You can use the 'options' method to pass the values from another table to drop down fields. This method gets an array of key/values, for example if the name of the model you want to get the values from is 'Company', you can define your field like this :

$this->edit->add('field-name', 'label', 'select')->options(\Company::lists("name", "id")->all());

Q: How can I display data which is fetched from more than one table in CRUD ?

A: If for example we need to obtain material and category of each product, we need to modify the grid in ProductController and add this line :

$grid = DataGrid::source(Product::with('category','material'));

In the Product model the following modifications should be made:

class Product extends \Eloquent
    protected $table = 'products';

    public function category() {
        return $this->belongsTo('Category', 'category_id');

    public function material() {
        return $this->belongsTo('Material', 'material_id');

Q: How can I save data into two related tables in CRUD ?

A: You just need to add the fields of the related table by specifying their relation in field name section of 'add' method, for example :

 $this->edit = \DataEdit::source(new \App\ModelName());
 $this->edit->add('relation.fieldname', 'Field Label', 'text');

Q: How can I preprocess some data before storing it in CRUD ? What would be the suggested way of doing it ?

A: You should use model events, for example for storing secure password values you can use the 'creating' model event :

public function edit($entity) {

    \App\Modelname::creating(function($data) {
        $data->password = Hash::make(\Request::input('password'));

    $this->edit = \DataEdit::source(new Modelname());

    $this->edit->label('Edit User');

    $this->edit->add('password', 'Password', 'text');

    return $this->returnEditView();

Q: How can I add a blank option in select box field in CRUD ?

A: The options function gets an array so you can just add an index to the array before passing it.

To add a blank option to the Edit view:

$options = Department::lists("name", "id")->all();
array_unshift($options, '');

$this->edit = \DataEdit::source(new Category());
$this->edit->add('parent_id', 'Department', 'select')->options($options);

To add a blank option on the Search View:

$options = Department::lists("name", "id")->all();
$blank_option = array(""=>"Please select a department");
$department_options = $blank_option + $options;

$this->filter->add('parent_id', 'Department', 'select')->options($department_options);

This will code will produce a dropdown box that looks like this:

    <option selected> Please select a deparment </option>
    <option value="1"> Accounting Department </option>
    <option value="2"> Finance Department </option>
    <option value="3"> Engineering Department </option>

Q: How can I remove item from admin menu?

A: You can use link controller in admin and remove it from there or use phpmyadmin and remove the record from link table