CRUD Fields

Here we explain how you can add different types of fields to your CRUD interface. The Controller files contain 2 methods;

  • all - Within this method you can modify the grid
  • edit - Within this method you can modify the edit form

Grid View

  • Filter
    $this->filter = \DataFilter::source(new \App\Product());
    $this->filter->add('categoryId','Category','select')->options(\App\Category::lists("name", "id")->all()); // Filter with Select List
    $this->filter->add('name', 'Name', 'text'); // Filter by String
  • Grid View
    $this->grid = \DataGrid::source($this->filter);
    $this->grid->add('name', 'Name');
    $this->grid->add('description', 'Description');
  • Paginate
  • Ordering
    $this->grid->orderBy('article_id','desc'); //default orderby
  • Allow Sorting on column
    $this->grid->add('name', 'Name', true);

Edit View

  • text (input field)
    $this->edit->add('title', 'Title', 'text'); // field name, label, type
    $this->edit->text('title', 'Title'); // field name, label (short syntax)
  • select box
    $this->edit->add('company_id','Company','select')->options(\App\Company::lists("name", "id")->all());
    $this->edit->add('adminId','Admin','select')->insertValue(1)->options(\Serverfireteam\Panel\Admin::lists("email", "id")->all());  // pre-select a value in a select box
  • checkbox (usually used for boolean (0 or 1) values, but it can be configured on different values (to be usable also for enum fields))
    $this->edit->add('public', 'Public', 'checkbox');
    $this->edit->checkbox('title', 'Title'); // field name, label (short syntax)
  • checkboxgroup (checkbox list), usually using relation.fieldname to store values in a pivot table, for a belongsTo relation
    $this->edit->add('categories', 'Categories', 'checkboxgroup')
     ->options(Category::lists("name", "category_id")->all());
  • radiogroup, as in checkboxgroup you can use option or options() to fill values
    $this->edit->add('gender', 'Gender', 'radiogroup')
     ->option('F', 'Female')->option('M', 'Male');
  • textarea (textarea field)
    $this->edit->add('body', 'Body', 'textarea')->rule('required'); // validation
  • redactor (textarea rendered as wysiwyg via redactor mit lic. version 7.6.1 old but good)
    $this->edit->add('body', 'Body', 'redactor'); 
  • file upload field, use move(path, [filename]) to change filename and destination
    $this->edit->add('download', 'Attachment', 'file')->rule('mimes:pdf')->move('uploads/pdf/');
  • image (file field with some image utils bundled using intervention image: preview, resize, crop, ...
    $this->edit->add('photo', 'Photo', 'image')->move('uploads/images/')->preview(80,80);
  • autocomplete (input field with autocomplete feature using twitter typeahead and ajax features using relation.fieldname and search() method
    $this->edit->add('author.fullname', 'Author', 'autocomplete')
     ->search(array('firstname', 'lastname'));
  • tags (input field with multiple autocomplete feature, using twitter typeahead and TagsInput
    $this->edit->add('', 'Categories', 'tags'); 
  • colorpicker (input field with colorpicker for hex values bootstrap-colorpicker)

    $this->edit->add('color', 'Color', 'colorpicker'); 
  • date: simple date field ( It support many locales (ie: 'it','en','de' complete list), and some formats (ie: 'm/d/Y', 'd.m.Y', etc. you can use only "m","d","Y" for now).
    $this->edit->add('publication_date', '', 'date')->format('d/m/Y', 'it');
  • daterange: two date field that works together to make a WHERE BETWEEN, to be used on filters. It supports some locales & formats like date field

    $this->filter->add('publication_date', '', 'daterange')->format('d/m/Y', 'it');
  • auto: a simple way to pass values to your model without output, you must use insertValue() and/or updateValue().
    $this->filter->add('myfield', '', 'auto')->insertValue('myvalue');
    $this->filter->add('anotherfield', '', 'auto')->updateValue('anothervalue');