Creating Fields

To use your custom field on DataForm/DataEdit you need to specify the class namespace

$form->add('hexcolor', 'Color', 'MyNameSpace\Fields\Colorpicker');

This class:

  • must extend \Zofe\Rapyd\DataForm\Field\Field
  • this class must have at least a property "type" for example $type = 'colorpicker';
  • in this class you should override build() method to fill $this->output based on field 'status' (field status is a property that dataform share with fields, it can be: "show,create,modify, hidden")
  • you can override (if needed): getValue() and getNewValue() to fill $this->value and _$this->newvalue
    by default $this->value is filled by the value stored in the db and _$this->newvalue will be the new value on save (is a little more complicated but you get the idea).

Most of time if field is "simple" (doesn't require transformations) you need only to override build(). Like this one:

If you don't know how to setup a custom Namespace in Laravel this is a mini how-to:

Custom Namespace in Laravel for managing fields

  • make a \app\Yourname folder
  • make a \app\Yourname\Field folder

in this last folder put your fields:

<?php namespace Yourname\Field;
use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Form;
use Zofe\Rapyd\Rapyd;
use Zofe\Rapyd\DataForm\Field\Field;

class Myfield extends Field {
  • in your main (laravel) composer.json add this declaration:
    "autoload": {
    "psr-0": {
           "Yourname": "app/"
  • then you must regenerate autoload by
    composer dump-autoload
    php artisan dump-autoload
  • then you should be able to use your own fields:
    $form->add('customfield', 'Asdasd', 'Yourname\Field\Myfield');

obviously if you need to include js/css assets you can put it on a /public/yourname/ folder then reference it in your field using: