Automatic Installation

Note: if you face any problem in any of the steps you should report it at github

  1. First you need to create a laravel 5.5 project.

  2. Add LaravelPanel with runing this code in CMD

        composer require serverfireteam/panel

    Or Add the package to require section of composer And run the composer update command, the package and its dependencies will be installed.

        "require": {
            "serverfireteam/panel": "1.7.*"

    Note :

For Laravel 5.4 use 1.6. For laravel 5.3 use 1.5. For laravel 5.2 use 1.4. For laravel 5.1 use 1.3.

  1. Add the ServiceProvider of the package to the list of providers in the config/app.php file

    'providers' => array(
  2. Run the following command in order to publish configs, views and assets.

    php artisan panel:install
  3. Go to your and you can login with the following username and password :

    user :

    password : 12345

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